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Our mission is to make sense of the world's open spending data.

We've grown tired of waiting for Government data on spending and contracts to be compiled into a useful tool, so we've decided to build a solution ourselves.

We've grown out of Ticon, a consultancy focussed on transaction efficiency and research. We've got over 20 years experience of working with Government purchasing data.

We believe that Government shouldn't have to pay for spend analysis, as long as the data is open, and that suppliers need better data on Government opportunities. Our data is used by government and businesses that sell to government.

Listen to Ian explain what The Spend Network do and where they'll be in five years time, in this short video.


Simon met with Richard Skaife in his Expert Impact session. In this short video he shares the top tip that he took from their meeting about how to engage your customers. 


Richard Skaife

Richard Skaife


Richard is the CEO and Co Founder of YOVO - a mobile network for Generation Y. Richard also Co Founded the ventures incubator ...

Really enjoyable and helpful

Richard is firstly and very importantly a good listener. I particularly enjoyed the fact that he spoke about his experiences, rather than imposing a pre-ordained business dogma onto the conversation. I really enjoyed meeting Richard and look forwards to telling him about our successes in the future.


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