Common Cause is a charity that helps financially disadvantaged people in the UK to meet their own needs through self-employment and enterprise.

We do this by connecting them to the funding, advice and resources they need to create successful businesses to support themselves and others.

The people we work with are unable to access formal employment for at least one of the following reasons:

– They have been homeless

– They are an ex-offender

– They are registered disabled

– They have a chronic illness

– They are a carer

– They are aged 16-25 and either fulfil one of the above criteria, or have been unable to complete formal education

Since we were founded in 2012, we have supported over 150 people to set up businesses and work towards financial independence.

In 2014:

– 100% of beneficiaries told us they had received the moral support they needed.

– 98% of beneficiaries told us they had received the knowledge they needed.

– 84% of beneficiaries told us they had received the contacts and leads they needed.

Listen to Aroon explain what they do at Common Cause and where they’ll be in five years time, in this short video.

Julia was a great match. She understood the needs of the organisation well and was able to give valuable advice about the areas we need help with.

Aroon Dougan, Chief Executive of Common Cause