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Caroline Angus

Co-Founder and Commercial Director

The Gravity Light Foundation

Met with Julian Metcalfe


We believe in the power of good design to tackle poverty and protect the environment.

GravityLight is unique - it doesn't need batteries or sunlight and costs nothing to run.

It takes seconds to lift the weight that powers GravityLight creating 20 minutes of light on its descent.

GravityLight provides:

Instant light, any time

It takes just a few seconds to lift the weight that powers GravityLight. There's no need to charge in advance, it's ready when you need it.

With no running costs, this means that GravityLight pays for itself within weeks of switching from a kerosene lamp.

No sun or batteries needed!

No batteries mean that GravityLight can be stored indefinitely, without the risk of batteries degrading.

With no need for the sun, it can be used whatever the weather outside.


Julian Metcalfe

Julian Metcalfe



Reassuring and liberating advice.

Julian offered reassuring and liberating advice - being an entrepreneur is organised chaos! It was a pleasure to learn from such a serially successful entrepreneur and hear his tips on how to take GravityLight to the next stage.


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