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Balobeshayi is a social cooperative facilitating the integration of migrants in urban spaces.

We do that by fostering a dialogue between new arrivals and previous residents. Through the production of video, intercultural dialogue training and consultation we create a healthy communication on the subjects of migration and international development.

Our work is the result of a thorough research, cooperation and innovation to achieve tangible changes.

Balobeshayi in the Congolese language, Tshiluba, means “We convinced you”. It aims to change the narrative on migration to better include, integrate and have a dialogue.


Alexandra Kelly

Alexandra Kelly


Alexandra Kelly is the founder and former managing director of UK pre-employment screening company, Powerchex, and formally the...

She reads the issues perfectly.

She knows what you need to do next and recommends many different options. I got more out of the hour from her than with any other course or book I've ever read.


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