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A new era in electrical energy and storage.

Pumped Heat Electricity Storage (PHES) is a new technology developed by Isentropic, which promises to be the cheapest and most convenient way to store and recover electricity.

The shift to renewable and nuclear energy is challenging the power supply industry worldwide due to the intermittency of renewable sources and the inflexibility of nuclear energy. A solution is needed to store and recover electrical energy to prevent disruptions to the electricity supply.

The critical issue is the cost of energy storage. Storing hot and cold is the cheapest way to store energy and is well understood. Our system transforms electrical energy into a temperature difference between two volumes of crushed mineral material. The system then efficiently recovers electricity from that temperature difference.


Listen to James explain what Isentropic does in his own words in this short video. 


Here he shares his top tip from his session with Baroness Verma. You have to make sure that the management is right before a company can flourish.


Baroness Verma

Baroness Verma

Department of International Development

Baroness Verma started her first business at the age of 19 in high fashion, supplying high street multiples. In 2000 she change...

I received really valuable advice.

Baroness Verma both understood the issues that we face as a growing business and was also able to highlight areas that we needed to focus more effort on. I found the session extremely valuable.


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