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Policy in Practice believes change happens on the frontline. We bridge the gap between policy development and its implementation.

We make government policy simple for people to understand, so they can make better decisions.

  1. People using our service understand their benefit entitlement, and clearly see the financial benefits of work
  2. Advisors save time and engage customers without needing to be experts in the complex benefit system
  3. Local authorities understand who's impacted by government policy changes, so they can better target and tailor support
  4. Our policy publications influence and improve government policy

Listen to Deven explain what Policy in Practice does and where they'll be in five years time in this short video. 


He shares his top tip from his Human Lending Library session in this video, in order to achieve great things, you must think BIG!

  • Areas of impact
  • Poverty


Alex van Someren

Alex van Someren

Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd

Alex has worked in the technology industry since the 1980s. He co-founded ANT Ltd in 1990 to produce networking products, inclu...

Will definitely accelerate our progress!

Alex understood the business in no time at all, and in one hour made five clear recommendations, some from leftfield, which are now going to be done in an afternoon, instead of over the next three to six months.


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