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Our mission is to make it easy for social entrepreneurs to go live on mobile.

The time has come to work together mapping, reporting, and solving problems. A mobile campaign brings your supporters into your team.Creating smart cities, crowdsourcing data, and above all collaborating to achieve common goals.

Many of the projects being launched by social entrepreneurs rely on a crowd of people cooperating. The amount that can be achieved by a group of people doing something a bit differently is truly staggering. Technology can help with this, especially with connecting and organising the micro-tasks of many to contribute to a common goal. But most technology products are dedicated to the needs of commercial entities. That is they are designed to enable companies to put stuff out infront of potential consumers, getting them to buy them (or like them or watch their content). Social enterprise requires a different flow, they need products that help them to invite supporters to do something, to cooperate in an organised way. Publishing content out to people becomes less important than people doing some action. Instead of making something and getting people to buy it, we are making a request and asking people to make it happen. The product is change, and it is made not by the company, but by the participants.

Gather unites people who care about their communities enough to do something, however small, to contribute to improvements. Often this simply takes the form of documenting some aspect of "what's going on".



Richard Skaife

Richard Skaife


Richard is the CEO and Co Founder of YOVO - a mobile network for Generation Y. Richard also Co Founded the ventures incubator ...

Really, really great.

Richard Skaife has the perspective that comes from having driven a variety of different companies so was easily able to bring suggestions and insights even to quite unusual startup situations. His advice is therefore grounded in realistic practical situations more than startup philosophy, so an hour discussing your project with Richard is extremely valuable.


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