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It's impossible to be the perfect parent, but I believe that offering healthy, nutritious food is one of the best things we can do for our children. I am a huge advocate of taking the time to look for quality ingredients and then providing fresh, unprocessed food; nutritious food – real food.

Some children are more adventurous with new tastes than others. Some want more on their plate, some less. Every child is different, as are we. Keep going: your patience and persistence will pay off. Children are encouraged when they see us eating and enjoying the same food as them and when they are involved in creating a meal. Sometimes persuading a child to try something new comes down to presentation and I hope to offer you ideas for recipes you already know and love. Respect a child's very real likes and dislikes – we all have them – But always ask your child to take just one mouthful. Their little tastebuds do change and they often surprise themselves!

In Australia, 61.2 per cent of the population is classified as obese or overweight*. In the UK the figure is even higher. If we can encourage our children to be interested in their food, to want to learn where it comes from, have fun preparing it and enjoy eating it, perhaps we can create a healthier future for them.

Listen to Vicky explain what Food for Kids does, why she started it and where they'll be in five years time, in this short video.


Carrie Longton

Carrie Longton


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Carrie immediately understood the issues I was facing, simplified my strategy and offered a great sounding board for my ideas.


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