Fishing for MPs at the Houses of Parliament

Thursday 18th July 2019
Several politicians apparently already support social enterprise. Could SEUK get a few more to join the party?

Fishing for MPs at the Houses of Parliament

Did you know there are a group of MPs that are actually pretty keen on social enterprises? A handful of them, along with a few Lords, make up the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Enterprise, with the aim of meeting regularly to support the sector.

More than a handful is needed of course, which is why Social Enterprise UK organised a meet up at the Houses of Parliament this week to try and entice a few more. But who is in the group already - might it be your local MP?

Here’s who they are:



Far be it from us to suggest that MPs might be drawn to events where there are lots of delicious things to eat and drink but Toast Ale were there alongside Fat Macy’s (who provided some amazing canapes). Divine Chocolate, who are celebrating 20 years of existence this year, were also in attendance and, happily, giving away bars of the stuff.

But there were also a couple of super interesting examples of social enterprises that MPs should have been interested in as they tackle two of society’s modern ills: youth offending and mental health.


CrackedIt are a social enterprise that take ex-offenders and those at risk of offending and train them to fix smartphones. As there are a lot of cracked phones out there (29% of all phones, according to them), it looks like they won’t be short of that essential business ingredient: customers. That's their CEO Josh Babarinde addressing the room in the picture.

And, given that here at Expert Impact we do like a glass of wine, there was also that most unlikely of things: a social enterprise vineyard situated in London. We know the capital is a very green city (lots of parks) but this came as a surprise.

Forty Hall Vineyard had two wines on offer; obviously we had to give it a taste and we’re very happy to report that Ortega is really very good. We normally don’t like to go over the £10 threshold unless it is a special occasion but, given the business is there to offer ecotherapy for those with mental health issues, we’d be willing to spend a little more in this case.

So did the meet-up work? Well, we did spot another fabulously named MP, Marsha de Cordova, so maybe the APPG will have a new member soon. Should you wish to give her some encouragement to get involved supporting social enterprises, you can get in touch with Marsha here.

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