Perfect your elevator pitch

Thursday 5th February 2015

Perfect your elevator pitch

You've got this great idea that you want to pitch to your boss, but scheduling a meeting with them is proving to be a Herculean task.

The potential client you're trying to woo won't even give you the time of day, let alone an hour to listen to your presentation.

Sound familiar? Sometimes getting your foot in the door is harder than closing the deal. The elevator pitch is ideal for situations like this.

What's an Elevator Pitch?
It's a 1-2 minute conversation, which if done correctly, can lead to a more in depth discussion about your proposal.

There are three elements to an elevator pitch: 1. pain statement, 2. value proposition, and 3. call to action. The pain statement outlines the problem that you are trying to solve, and the value proposition discusses how you or your company is going to fix that problem. Once you've outlined the solution, follow it up by discussing the next steps with a call to action.

Want to have a great pitch? Here are 5 dos and don'ts for crafting the perfect elevator pitch:

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