Check out our impact!

You already know that Expert Impact Speakers uses all profits to support social enterprises and charities. In 2021/22 we supported 110 of them.


Expert Impact Mentoring

We’re super proud to unveil our latest impact report. And we’re even happier to tell you that Expert Impact supported 110 social enterprises and charities through our charity arm. You can find them amongst all the alumni we have supported to date here.

Expert Impact Mentoring accelerates the impact of social entrepreneurs by connecting them with world-leading business experts for advice and mentoring (pictured above).

In the six months after their mentoring session, 85% of social entrepreneurs reported an increase in turnover. The average increase in turnover was 29%. 

The 455 social purpose organisations we have supported since our mentoring program started in 2014 are helping the disadvantaged, bolstering social care, supporting healthier communities and looking after the environment.

“What Expert Impact is great at is connecting people who are excellent at what they have done and are very accomplished, and so the ability to learn from their past successes and also failures is a really worthwhile experience. We have really strong ambitions in terms of growth so being able to talk to someone was really helpful,” said Jamie Palmer of Social Supermarket.

We also managed to improve our diversity record in the last year, with 20% of our alumni now identifying as people of colour, an increase of 6% on the previous year. We’ve also increased the diversity of our expert mentors, with 16% being people of colour, an increase of 29% on 2020/21. 

This was all against the backdrop of launching our own social enterprise, Expert Impact Speakers, to help fund our mentoring service. 

“We launched Expert Impact Speakers because we felt we could offer a fresh alternative to the existing speakers agencies out there,” said Expert Impact CEO Karen Lynch.

“We keep hearing from events people that they want to have thriving businesses, but also do the right thing for people and the planet. We’re an easy way for them to make a positive social impact through their supply chain,” said Lynch.

If you know anyone working in events that wants to make positive social and environmental impact through their supply chain, do mention them to us. We’re an easy way to ‘buy social’.