Jim Cregan

Founder/CEO, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Jim Cregan created his own brand, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee after an inspiring trip to Australia. He returned home not wanting to work on building sites any more and decided it was time to try something truly worthwhile. 

With a loan from his parents, Jim and his sister Sooz set about on a mammoth journey to bring awesome, ready-to-drink iced coffee to the UK and beyond. They have since gained listings in most major supermarkets and have recently began exporting. Their team, based in Christchurch are a legendary bunch and they have big ambitions to become the greatest iced coffee money can buy.

Recently, Jimmy’s has worked with a number of charities including the Wave Project and the John Egging Trust which builds confidence in young people through various brilliant programmes. Jimmy’s runs internships, hosts one day courses for kids on professionalism and presentation skills and is looking to build on their CSR project, the Keep Your Chin Up Academy.

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