We work with primary schools to help raise numeracy standards, accelerating classroom performance with targeted one-to-one intervention programmes.

We believe every child can be a confident and successful mathematician.

Whilst we recognise the potential for technology to help children learn, we know full well that technology is simply a means to an end.

In our case that end is the oldest form of learning that exists, specialist one-to-one instruction, providing the unique value of conversation, immediate feedback and encouragement.

Our ambition is two fold; Firstly to make one-to-one learning affordable and accessible to all children, not just those fortunate enough to be able to afford it at home. Secondly to bring one-to-one learning under the direction of teachers, reinforcing and accelerating their classroom leadership.

Ultimately our work is about supporting teachers, providing an online network of maths assistants to help them produce confident and successful mathematicians.


Here Tom explains what Third Space Learning is and how it works in his own words. (*please note, at the time of the video Third Space Learning was called KnowMaths)

Tom met with Gi Fernando and here he shares his key lesson from their session. 

Gi was incredibly helpful. I really enjoyed talking to Gi and discussing the nature of being an entrepreneur and what goes with it. His message was that if you are doing something worth doing then there is going to be risk – embrace it!

Tom Hooper, Founder of Third Space Learning