Six tips for winning government contracts

Watch a two minute video for some “golden nuggets” when tendering for local government contracts, from Kim Rihal of Equal Education, who has supplied services to several councils.

Earlier this year we asked Kim Rihal to share what she knew about applying to service local government contracts. Equal Education has previously provided services for Greenwich, Wokingham Borough Councils, and Coventry City council, to name just a few.

Kim is the co-founder and Head of Partnerships for Equal Education, a social enterprise that tries to level the playing field for disadvantaged children. That can mean kids with special educational needs, looked after children or any other child who needs a bit of extra help due to their personal circumstance. Equal Education supplies tutors to help these children bring up to the educational level of their peers. 

Watch the video above for some of Kim’s “golden nuggets” when tendering for local government contracts.

Kim was speaking to a peer group of social entrepreneurs as part of our Impact Lab series. Successful applicants to the Human Lending Library become alumni and are then eligible to participate in group learning activities like these.