HegartyMaths provides the best and most supportive way for children to learn maths at home. Their aim is to ensure that students, regardless of their background, have access at home to high quality maths support.

In 2011 Colin started making YouTube Maths videos to support his own classes with their maths homework and revision. In a few years he had made close to 1,000 videos covering Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level Maths. Then quickly realised that from YouTube and his own mathswebsite.com they were being watched all over the world and the demand for something like this was huge.

Then he and his cofounder decided to make an online platform that taught, assessed and tracked everything a child needs to learn in school maths from upper primary to IGCSE level. They built what they wished they had had as maths teachers.

They believe that technology will not replace teachers, nor should it. However if they built a well-designed system, obsessively focused on the science of teaching and learning which allowed teachers to spend their valuable time on the things that matter, they could make a scaleable difference in maths education.

Schools now purchase licence and training to the system and use it to help their pupils excel in their maths education.

My recent mentoring session with Richard Skaife was simply brilliant! He was  tremendously insightful discussing our potential future business model.

Colin Hegarty, Founder, Hegarty Maths