The accelerator for education startups.

Emerge Education is a 3-month, London based accelerator programme for startups aiming to improved educational outcomes worldwide. Successful applicants receive:

Beta Testing & Accelerated customer acquisition tailored to your business model
We have built a specific mentor group for startups that target learners directly. This group includes key players such as Bernhard Niesner (CEO, Busuu), Ben Whately (COO, Memrise), and Jan Reichelt (Co-Founder and President, Mendeley), all entrepreneurs who have scaled products to millions of learners.
Through a partnership with TSL Education, the world’s largest online teacher network, we provide our teacher-focused start-ups unprecedented access to those that matter most – teachers themselves. Their honest feedback will help you develop your ideas, testing your products quickly and directly with your target market.
For B2B startups, we have built a community of early adopters who are eager to test your products. You will interact with them via office hours, and private demo events. The group includes schools & school chains, further education providers and corporates.

Business development
Access to senior management within industry-leading businesses who could act as potential distributors or partners, including publishers, school enterprise software, and resellers. Check out our Innovation Partners to discover some of the companies you will be able to leverage.

Access to investment
We work with the most sought-after VCs and Angels in London, giving the accepted startups a seamless way of connecting to investors through regular office hours, demo events, and investor lunches.

The Emerge Community
A series of useful, fun events, dinners with celebrated founders, socials, and a tight group of edtech focused peers who will become your fiercest supporters in these early years.

A living stipend of £15k
Listen to Jan explain what they do at Emerge Education in his own words in this short video.

David was crystal-clear, transparent and helpful. His advice was really impactful.

Jan Matern, Co-Founder & CEO of Emerge