Make learning a dream in your home.

It’s a sad reality that only 1 in 5 children get a bedtime story on a regular basis and, although children are traditionally taught in the daytime, knowledge and fact-based learning is most effective in the hour before sleep. As educators and parents, we know that supplementary learning is expensive and inconvenient BUT the home has more impact on a child’s education than school. Also, many parents don’t understand the curriculum or how to best help their children learn.

This is why Dream Learners’ stories are so beneficial for everyone in the family. After extensive research we are developing Ed4bed: A multi-platform library of magical, animated stories that broadly cover the curriculum and are shared with children at the optimal time for learning; 90 minutes before bedtime. Our educational stories are aimed at children aged 3 – 9 to use on their own, or with a parent across broadcast, online and in the real world.

The Dream Learners framework for learning is highly effective:

Bedtime is Best: Learning before sleep has a beneficial effect on long-term declarative memory consolidation and the brain’s ability to recall factual information. We provide tailored learning content in the critical 90 minutes before bedtime.

Connected curriculum: Cross-curricular teaching (which means teaching multiple, interwoven subjects at once) is the most effective way to educate children. Many early childhood researchers and educators recognise that young children see the world as a connected whole rather than in isolated segments, and that learning should reflect this. By connecting learning from disparate subject areas within our stories, children’s learning is both faster and more meaningful.

Home at the heart of learning: Creating a ‘climate of curiosity’ and love for learning at home has been found to be the most significant determinant of a child’s future. Learning that parent and child can experience together has the most impact on a child’s future academic success.


Listen to Lucy explain what Dream Learners is and where they’ll be in five years time, in this short video.

My session with Carrie was hugely helpful and very inspiring. She gave a lot of practical ideas for business growth and development and also shared personal insight which allowed me to quickly develop a connection with her.

Lucy Rome, Co-Founder & Head of Learning at Dream Learners