Goodwill Solutions’ mission is to create a social and environmentally focused organisation that delivers affordable solutions to household and office furniture needs of charities, third sector organisations, economically challenged individuals and the general public.

Goodwill Solutions offers unique and bespoke logistics and warehousing solutions to retailers and global furniture manufacturers which include services such as pallet storage, third party logistics and relabelling. Additionally, we are involved in the sourcing and sale of good quality affordable home and office furniture to organisations, charities and individuals. Currently, our client base consists of blue chip companies such as ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Amazon.

We utilise the revenue stream from our commercial activities to fund our social welfare goals, which essentially drive the business, making sure that we do not rely upon public funding and so remain self sufficient in this regard. We achieve our social objectives by running projects such as the Back to Work program through which we train ex offenders and pave way for their employment both internally at Goodwill Solutions and elsewhere in the logistics sector. Moreover, we supply furniture and other household items at below cost price when required by charities in instances of urgent need.

Listen to Mike explain what Goodwill Solutions CIC do and where he sees the company in 5 years time.

Mike shares what he learnt about strategic decision making in his session with Sir Charles Dunstone.

The match was there. Sir Charles has grown a small business into a huge commercial success – something I am trying to do – so getting his advice on our plans to scale was incredibly valuable.

Mike Britton, Founder of Goodwill Solutions