Bite The Ballot is a party-neutral, youth democracy movement.

We use peer to peer and digital tools to empower and catalyse youth engagement in politics. We are reducing apathy and helping the younger generation of people in the UK to realise the impact that they can have on politics and that politics can have on their life.

So far over 500,000 people have registered to vote because of Bite The Ballot!

Listen to Mike tell us about what Bite the Ballot do and where they’ll be in the next five years in this short video.

I was clearly matched with someone that has experience and can relate to where I am at both with my organisation and from a personal perspective. Richard asked the right questions and could see the opportunities that lie before me and how important it is to now have structure and a plan to seek to take advantage of the opportunities.

Michael Sani, CEO & Founder of Bite the Ballot