Smart Filtered Repair Reporting: Relieve the Pain of Property Repairs.

Fixflo is the leading property repair reporting system.

If you’re a property or block manager Fixflo will save you time and money.

Fixflo enables tenants to report their maintenance issues online; filtering out issues that are an occupier’s responsibility and providing tools and advice for self-resolution.

You get to work smarter and reduce your stress. Occupiers get quicker repairs. Contractors have fewer wasted trips. Owners get better asset protection.


Listen to Rajeev explain more about Fixflo in this short video.

Rajeev spoke to Alex van Someren about developing your business and learnt about when is the right time to start taking on external investment.

This was an incredibly valuable hour of discussion with an expert in my field in which we cut through the detail to the underlying business model and opportunities for improvement.

Rajeev Nayyar, Co-Founder of Fixflo