Timewith is on a mission to change the way people access therapy. We believe finding the right therapist should be simple and pain-free. By streamlining this process, we want to ensure that everyone is able to access the support they need without any hold-ups or unnecessary complications along the way.

No one should be left to stumble around in the dark when they’re feeling vulnerable. Just as finding the right therapist doesn’t have to be left to chance. Everyone deserves the opportunity to find “that person” capable of helping them turn things around.
In matching people with relevant therapists, and deciphering all the information clearly (in human terms!) we make sure no one drops off the map when they make the brave decision to seek support.

Matt has an incredible capability of distilling complex information into simple principles all whilst being a source of motivation for any entrepreneur. In one hour, I had gained a level of clarity about our future steps that might have not been possible otherwise and got back to work ready to get stuff done.  

Markos Tsirakis, Co-founder & CEO, Timewith