We know no parent wants a secret at the heart of their relationship with their child but for adopted and donor conceived families sometimes words can be hard.

We provide bespoke life story poems in book format for children under the age of 5. For adoptive families this is complimentary including their first family photographic portrait. For IVF donor conceived families this is on a fee basis.

We also provide a complimentary portrait service for councils to help children find their forever family. Portrait photography is provided to the public on a fee basis to support our social work. For children over the age of five we also provide therapeutic life story work contracted by councils for adoptive families.

Josh’s dynamic thinking helped me to consider how to simplify our service into a thing of elegance and when asked was able to articulate blind spots I had not considered. The hour we spent together was filled with meaningful dialogue that was more valuable than some courses I have paid to be part of.

Kimberley McPherson, Founder, Love With Light Portraits