Recycle IT is a social enterprise based in Bolton collecting unwanted computer equipment from around the north west of the UK.

All equipment collected is diverted from landfill and anything unusable is reused or upcycled.

Any reusable equipment will be made available at little or no cost for the local community to help bridge the digital divide, specifically those without access to a computer or the internet. We will be searching for local digital champions and volunteers to help make this happen.

We also intend to be a venue for training, workshops, volunteering and placements from various disadvantaged backgrounds as we develop and grow.

Recycle IT is a community organisation and we are inviting the local community members to help co-produce, develop and own this community resource as it progresses.

What an amazing session. Karen gave me clear and concise advice coupled with thought-provoking ideas on what strategies we should be thinking about to make our enterprise sustainable and reach the next level in our development. Thank you Karen!  

John Hastings, Founder, Recycle IT