Chocolates with a cause. Award winning delicious chocolates creating a sweeter life for people with autism.

Harry Specters was established – not only to provide delicious, handmade chocolates, but also to provide employment opportunities for people on the autism spectrum. Here they can be assured of a safe and supportive environment, where they have the freedom to use their strengths to grow and develop into satisfied and contributing members of society. We strongly believe that it is these strengths and their unique perspective that will give us the competitive edge to become global leaders in premium chocolates.

As we are a social enterprise, for every £ of profit we make, 60p will be set aside for furthering the social aims of the business, providing social activities for our invaluable employees and opportunities for their personal development.

At Harry Specters, our people are at the core of everything we do and they are the true drivers and inspiration for the business. They are involved in all aspects of our work from production to packaging, photography, art, graphic design and web design.

Our long term vision is to develop 30 clusters all over the UK creating 100s of jobs, so that local communities benefit. Our short to medium term vision is to complete our first cluster, of at least six employees, by 2017 in Cambridgeshire.

David helped us focus on clarifying our message in the early days when we were exploring how to brand our business, since our meeting he has become a non exec Director and continues to add so much value to our organisation. Thank you!

Shaz Shah, Co-Founder of Harry Specters