We see rockstars in the making every day!

At Fidler Music we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn an instrument in a way that’s engaging and fun. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone develop a natural talent and passion for music.

Fidler Music provide instrumental lessons on guitar, ukulele, keyboard, brass and percussion in schools throughout the North-West. We love music and believe that it should be as fun and accessible for young people as possible.

Our growing team currently provide lessons in over 50 schools, teaching thousands of children each week.
Through our tailor-made lesson plans, we encourage young people to play the music that they know and love.

All of our tutors are fully DBS checked and have extensive teaching experience. We love working towards performances in our lessons, and rewarding pupils with certificates of achievement.

Fidler Music currently sponsor 32 children to go through their school education in impoverished areas of Brazil and Africa. Pupils in a selection of our schools write regularly to these children.

This is something that we care passionately about and wish to invest in further as the company grows.

David quickly summarized what the main priorities for my business were and went on to give a detailed plan on how to best implement the changes needed for my company to thrive. Thank you very much!

Dave Fidler, Director of Fidler Music