Ruby Moon is the sustainable brand that offers vibrant, high-quality, affordable swim and active wear for women who want more design, functionality & ethics.

Whilst being ethically manufactured and made from cutting-edge sustainable materials, RubyMoon also helps women set up and grow businesses across the globe.

From ‘Gym To Swim’ our collection is developed with both uses in mind – for women who enjoy swimming and exercise and also with the ability to wear as active and leisure wear. The styling is sports – led yet the use of ‘designer prints’ brings an elegant, sophisticated edge.

It’s a premium product because we subscribe to the ‘slow fashion’ ethos that means we take time to make the product right- right for you, in terms of affordability and quality, but also doing the right thing is at the very core of our business.

100% of the net profits generated by RubyMoon are lent out as small loans, to empower women entrepreneurs in eleven nations.

Why? Women are seen as the ‘change’ agents of the family and spend a larger amount of their income on improvements in the health, nutrition and education of the whole family but particularly children.

RubyMoon loans through and to date, RubyMoon has made 170 loans. Case studies showcasing some of the women we have helped can be seen on our blog.

Believe in your business, even when it’s hard

Expert Impact arranged a mentoring session with retail doyenne and women’s rights champion Baroness Verma, and Jo Godden, founder of ethical swimwear brand Ruby Moon.

Here Jo talks through some of the advice Baroness Verma passed on to her and shares her insights for social entrepreneurs at the start of their business journey.

Baroness Verma had direct industry experience and was able to provide a point-by-point strategy to take away. Most importantly was the past experience and the vision that was projected, using more ambitious targets than I had previously thought possible.

Jo Godden, Founder of Ruby Moon