A social enterprise bringing young people together to learn, discuss and tackle gender inequality and cultures of gendered violence.

Bold Voices believe that the power to transform cultures of inequality and violence lies with future generations. Our work equips and empowers young people with the knowledge and tools to talk about and address these inequalities in their everyday lives and communities.

We are an educational platform delivering workshops, talks, digital sessions and online resources to teachers, parents and young people at school and university. Whether you’re a parent, teacher or student, we are here to support you in fighting for an education free from inequality and gendered violence for the next generation.

My call with Bill was thought provoking and enjoyable. I left with both tangible things to action as well as issues and ideas to consider as Bold Voices is growing. Bill was able to take his experience and expertise and make it relevant to the challenges we’re facing – hugely grateful for his invaluable insight and honesty.  

Natasha Eeles, CEO, Bold Voices