More Life Home is an environmentally conscious non-for profit organisation addressing the issue of Furniture Poverty by helping communities that are socially deprived and people in crisis by providing them with good quality recycled furniture and homeware items.

More Life Home CIC was created as a means of addressing low recycling rates and high poverty rates in the borough of Tower Hamlets. While working on a furniture re-use project offering low-cost furniture and homeware items to the local community during the pandemic, it became clear there were many vulnerable groups that needed more support including care leavers, lone parents and people struggling with mental health that had minimal or no home furnishings due to social deprivation or lack of support. More Life Home CIC receives referrals for furniture from frontline organisations and social services, mental health support organisations, domestic violence services and hospitals. More Life Home CIC was developed to help these groups receive support to furnish their properties, as well as develop skills via volunteering, gainful work and training either in-house or via referral to external agencies.

More Life Home CIC also work with corporates providing meaningful corporate engagement experiences that give back, as well as helping them contribute to environmental solutions.