GoodFX exists to add purpose to payments – A differentiated offering in an overcrowded B2B payments industry, their aim is to first save their clients money through a range of existing white-labelled products. Having achieved that, they then donate 1/3rd of their profits to a charity of the clients’ choice, while using their business model to help create meaningful job opportunities for refugees and marginalized individuals. The result for their clients is increased profitability, and localized, meaningful impact in their name. This can be quantified and shared in reporting and across media channels.

By partnering with existing fintech platforms, they make sure that international money transfers are simple and effective which enables their giving to go further.

  • Simple – They simplify international operations and money collection globally, without the need for several bank accounts or a local presence in the banking jurisdiction.
  • Effective – GoodFX monitors all online funds collected to helps ensure that people can save money on currency conversions on their international payments.
  • Giving– They ensure giving goes further by ensuring that a third of their revenue from processing your bank payments, goes to fund a charity of each’s client’s choice. This creates on-the-ground social and/or environmental impact for local communities. Capturing the flow of global capital for good.