KINSIS is a social enterprise that holistically develops and nurtures the leadership potential of young Black women through community, programmes and research.

There are 3 core elements of the KINSIS’ services:

  1. Community – KINSIS help develop student leaders by training them to lead Black-female led societies on their campuses. Each campus also hosts signature KINSIS Labs which build community, provide pastoral care and equip them with the tools to help Black women better integrate into and thrive in academic and professional life.
  2. Programmes – KINSIS have designed a ‘Holistic Leadership Academy’ and capacity-building resources to equip Black female students with leadership potential. The leadership academy has doctors, artists, public speakers and other contributors who help provide enriching content that helps develop the well-being and leadership potential of Black women in each cohort.
  3. Research – the highly skilled KINSIS team use data-led approaches and provide consultancy services to universities regarding black women and their experiences at university to enable them to better support black women and improve outcomes.

“I can’t believe the amount of progress I am making in the short time I’ve been mentored by Victor. It’s been amazing.”

Jessica Agboola, Founder, KINSIS