Crowdskills is an affordable way to hire local professionals to get the job done properly.

We help people to find their nearest skilled freelancers. Pick your service, type in your postcode, and we’ll send talented local freelancers to your door!

Customers can meet and hire skilled workers at more affordable rates, which in turn supports graduates to kickstart their careers.

Our mission is to enable organisations to realise the value of young peoples’ talents.  This way, the market can access a whole new crowd of skilled providers, and young people can launch successful freelance careers.


Remember to really focus on your customer journey

Iman shares some great advice from his Expert Impact session with Alex van Someren.

Alex provided really valuable strategic advice, specially catered to a social enterprise looking to scale. His insights into the investment landscape were particularly useful.

Iman Fadaei, Co-Founder of CrowdSkills