Our mission is to improve access to learning for all children by providing schools with affordable educational resources that bring the curriculum to life through sound, story and movement, using wireless headphones.

now>press>play was founded in 2012 by three friends who love learning but hate sitting down. They soon discovered they weren’t alone. They decided to create an educational resource that uses sound, story and movement to engage all children, however they learn.

now>press>play is an educational resource that uses sound, story and movement, to immerse children in the world of their topic. Through a series of active and stimulating lessons, now>press>play captures children’s interest and accelerates their learning.

My session with Nick was invaluable. Entrepreneurship can be a isolating business so to be able to talk to someone who has started and scaled a business is incredibly inspiring. It’s given me a much clearer sense of the kinds of questions I need to be asking myself now, in order to build the kind of business I want to be running in 10 years time.

Alice Lacey, CEO & Co-Founder, Now Press Play