The Charity Excellence Framework is a free, easy to use, low workload digital platform for non-profits boards and senior teams that enables them to assess every aspect of activities, from increasing impact, financial resources & performance.

It creates a unique framework for each non-profit, optimises reporting for their priorities and links each detailed result individually to relevant resources from across the web and its own resource base. It takes 2 mins to set-up and 30 for each of the 8 questionnaires. results are reported via the dashboard, with a drilldown capability and query system, report exporting and a quality mark.

Ian has worked at board/executive level for 25 years and in the charity sector since 2003, but his previous career included creating successful platforms for very large organisations. I hold an MSc (Corporate Management), and qualifications in finance (ACCA) and fundraising (IoF).

Charles provided me with really helpful advice and a level of expertise I could not possibly have accessed in any other way. I was at a critical decision point and his help in validating/closing down options turned a leap in the dark into a calculated risk.

Ian McLintock, Founder, Charity Excellence Framework