What if your morning coffee could change lives? With the support and power of The Big Issue, we have empowered homeless people with the skills, equipment and speciality beans they need to become fully-fledged baristas. So they can serve coffee that tastes good, and does good too.

He’s the social entrepreneur tackling homelessness through great coffee.

Cemal Ezel is the founder of Change Please, a chain of coffee carts that works in partnership with The Big Issue to provide employment opportunities, housing and training for people who have experienced homelessness.

Cemal is also the co-founder of Old Spike Roastery, a social enterprise coffee shop and roastery in Peckham, London, that also support people who have experienced homelessness.

Change Please is in US, France, Australia and since 2019 serves a bespoke blend of Change Please coffee in the skies on all Virgin Atlantic flights.

You can read more about  Change Please here.

Imagine encapsulating all of your challenges into a defined list and an expert answering them in an hour, this is exactly what Expert Impact does. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Cemal Ezel, founder of Change Please, met with Karen Lynch of Belu Water