We educate, motivate & unite young minds.

Tutors United makes private tutoring accessible to disadvantaged young people, who would are in desperate need of extra academic help and cannot access private tutoring at normal market rate (£35 per hour). Tutors United meets the needs of parents from low income households.

We focus on five key areas, to make an impact with the students we tutor. 80% of our young minds jump from Levels 3 and 4, within 7 months of joining our tutoring program. In addition, we also aim to reduce unemployment.

Our private tutoring programmes are designed specifically to meet the demands of our beneficiaries. All of our programmes consistently provide pupils with close knit support and attention in Maths and English. Our programmes raise pupil attainment.

The matching was excellent. It was great to be connected with an experienced individual like Chrissie who could help guide me through my current business hurdles.

Joel Davis, Founder of Tutors United