At Yodomo, we are on a mission to help grow wider participation in making and crafts, because we know that making supports wellbeing and grows a wider understanding of use and re-use of materials. Our work involves driving engagement with creativity to fuel positive change.

In an increasingly automated world, the ability to be creative is what makes us human, and research from the World Health Organisation demonstrates that it encourages positive mental health, increases connection with others and gives a reason for existence.

Our work supports the careers of makers and craftspeople who can create new revenue streams for their work through selling kits, online courses or live workshops through our platform.

Yodomo tackles the social issues of sustainability, wellbeing and the future of work, connecting UK-based makers and craftspeople with eager learners looking to understand reusing materials. We also work with companies and festivals to bring sustainability workshops to live events for employees or festival-goers, further growing participation in making.

Our mission works to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health & Wellbeing and Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production (Encourage reduce, reuse, recycle at Workplace.)

My session with Tom enabled me to clearly break down the next phases of the business into achievable and measurable stages. He had excellent insight on how to make the best of our resources and where to crystalise our messaging. Most of all, it was reassuring to hear from someone of Tom’s experience that my journey thus far was altogether normal!  

Sophie Rochester, CEO, Yodomo