Open Kitchen MCR is Manchester’s leading sustainable catering company. Our team of passionate chefs create beautiful, unique and thoughtful menus for any occasion or event. We give unloved ingredients a new life in our exceptional menus, and use profits to provide food for people in crisis.

Our mission is to reduce food waste, support a sustainable future and provide nutritious food to people in crisis. We collaborate with a huge range of food businesses and intercept fresh, beautiful surplus food to turn into delicious meals. For every 1 tonne of food intercepted, we save around 4.2 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted.​

As a social enterprise, our pay-it-forward model means that profits from our catering allows us to provide ingredients and meals to people in crisis. We support local independent food banks, breakfast clubs, and homelessness support organisations.

Angie is an incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and positive person. I found my mentoring session with her very useful, and her insight into business and board management is second to none.  

Corin Bell, Director, Open Kitchen Manchester