Our short-term focus is on helping individuals in the UK facing big life challenges to find help fast. We do this by crowdsourcing and signposting trusted external support resources that are available nationally (e.g., helplines) at our free website mypickle.org.

Research shows that 11.8 million Brits find it difficult, stressful or time-consuming to find help when faced with a life challenge.

Of this, two in five (40%) have delayed or given up searching for help because it’s hard to find the information, advice or support they need.

We combat this by sharing knowledge of trusted support.

This can be a lifeline for those millions of people that find it difficult to find help and that might otherwise struggle alone.

I really appreciate Anthony taking time to offer an independent CEO perspective’s view on our social enterprise. He listened carefully and provided constructive challenge which will be valuable for me to reflect on further – thank you!  

Cat Divers, Founder&CEO, My Pickle CIC