Giving all mums the chance to take part in the digital revolution.

Technology is critical to our future, yet many women, particularly mums, are scared of tech, worried about its impact on their children and unaware of the life-changing opportunities it can offer

#techmums changes that by offering free hands-on workshops and online support to mums in order to give them the confidence, skills and inspiration they need to take part in the digital revolution.

Listen to Sue explain what TechMums does and how they are planning to grow in the next five years, in this short video clip.

In this short video, Sue shares the top tip she took away from her meeting with Chrissie. You need to focus, you can’t do everything at once!

Chrissie really helped me to calm down and focus. To go back to basics and think hard about building a great product, to think about who our ideal customer would be and how to provide them with a really high quality service.

Dr Sue Black, Founder of Tech Mums