A bottle that squishes to fit in your pocket and stretches to fit 500ml!

Ohyo is the handy, collapsible water bottle that’s easy to take anywhere.
When empty an Ohyo will squish down to fit in a pocket, a handbag… even under a hat!

Using (and re-using) an Ohyo avoids the need to buy environmentally-damaging bottled water. Refill your Ohyo from the tap just twice and Ohyo is carbon neutral.

Ohyo is BPA-free and made in Sheffield, UK.


Guy tells us more about Ohyo and the story behind the product in this short video.

Guy shares what he learnt about building a brand memory structure after his meeting with brand guru, David Taylor.

David quickly assessed the value of the Ohyo product and brand, and focussed the session on practical methods to build consumer memory structure around the bottle to enhance sales.

Guy Jeremiah, Founder of Ohyo