Dad La Soul exists to orchestrate a revolution in the way that the stories and struggles of the six million dads in the UK are seen, heard, and supported. We support dads and male carers with opportunities to connect and build community with other dads and male carers in innovative and safe spaces, as well as collaborations on research and projects to improve support opportunities for dads.

We have built key partnerships with tech innovators, co-working spaces, university research teams, social housing providers, local authorities, and brands to produce a massive range of dad-friendly events and content.

Our unique and relentless approach to radical collaboration has helped us build a community of thousands of dads in over eight different countries to start conversations that matter. 

I found it a fantastic opportunity to work through the myriad of ideas that I have and hone it all down to the important ones, namely how to score “the big one” in regards to new client wins, that will help us finance the impact we have, without always being reliant on sourcing charitable funding. This is absolutely key in our development… Hugh was brilliant!

Dan Flanagan, Founder, Dad La Soul