We help schools and school leaders be more effective by helping them think differently and do things differently.

We help schools and school leaders be brave, so they can face challenges honestly. Bold, so they can take the risks they need to take. And authentic because if it doesn’t feel right, the chances are it won’t work right.

Our work helps school leaders, leadership teams, teachers and whole schools think more clearly, communicate more honestly, and gives them tangible, practical steps to make the changes they want to make.

We get to the heart of the important conversations and help make changes that stick. Making a braver, bolder and more authenic place for everyone to learn. ​

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Alexandra quickly got the the heart of the issues I brought to her. She offered a good balance of encouragement and challenge. I came away with a much clearer understanding of where to focus my energies and efforts, and a reinvigorated drive to make Portland Education a sector leader in performance coaching. I can’t thank Alexandra Kelly and Expert Impact enough for this opportunity. I hope this is only the beginning of an ongoing relationship as Portland Education grows.

Alex Bell, Founder of Portland Education