Ollie’s Edible Adventures is preventative programme for childhood obesity that uses a combination of television, publishing, digital and educational tools to enable healthy behaviour change for children, parents and teachers.

It is a preschool children’s brand targeting 3-6+ year olds. The brand is based on a five-year-old boy called Ollie who is the world’s pickiest eater.

When he finally tries the food – Ollie-POP’s! – and becomes what he eats, with fantastic food-fuelled super powers.

Ollie goes on adventures and with his new found superpowers, saves the day and learns valuable lessons about eating right – thanks to the ‘Power of Food’.

Our session with Carrie Longton from Mumsnet met all of our goals. She was incredibly honest about her experiences in business, willing to share her expertise and knowledge and definitely had impact on our strategy. So a perfect session. Thanks to you all.

Mickey Rogers, Director of Ollie’s Edible Adventures