20/20 Levels is a social mobility organisation, empowering Black and racially underrepresented young people through opportunities to maximise their potential. Whether wanting to land their dream job, build a business, or work out their next steps – they help black young people succeed by helping them open doors to the best opportunities.

Duro founded 20/20 Change in 2013 and has evolved into 20/20 levels, a multi-award-winning social enterprise leading the way to a more diverse and inclusive workforce in the UK.

20/20 Levels do this through training programmes, mentorship, and career support they empower young black professionals to flourish in the workplace. Their commitment to excellence, passion for community and dedication to transparency, help them to achieve clear, explicit, and sustained change for young black professionals.

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From the outset, Hugh demonstrated a keen interest in understanding my goals and challenges, tailoring the session to address my specific needs. What sets Hugh apart is his ability to distill complex concepts into easily digestible and actionable steps. Throughout the session, he not only shared his wealth of experience but also encouraged me to think critically and develop my problem-solving skills. His mentorship has undoubtedly accelerated my professional growth, providing me with a roadmap for success.

Duro Oye, Founder, 20/20 Levels