Nature doesn’t believe in waste and neither do we.

We are purveyors of Natural High-Grade Insect Protein.

Entocycle are harnessing 150 million years of natures research and development to produce a solution to feeding the world.

We have already developed the technology and management systems to breed and farm Hermetia illucens, better know as the Black Solider Fly, scalable for industrial purposes.

The next step is produce a sustainable and ethical, ‘insect based’​ alternative to fish & soya meal. This ‘clean-tech’ system has the secondary benefit of recycling food waste from landfill by simply copying nature.

By directly converting wasted food into protein, it will be possible to produce both a environmentally and economically superior product.


Listen to Keiran explain what Entocycle are doing in his own words in this short clip.

Here, Keiran shares his top tip that he took from meeting with Julia Groves. Clarity of vision is everything!

So valuable that I would say it is invaluable! The friendly, helpful and most important ‘open’ session is invaluable. It lets you ask the silly and stupid questions without feeling silly or stupid.

Keiran Whitaker, Founder of Entocycle