Boho Homes is a BAFTS certified social enterprise that works under ethical trade guidelines to create boutique handcrafted products for conscious customers from sustainable, recycled or re-purposed materials.

At Boho Homes, our goal is to bring incredible, qualitative ethical products to our customers while providing maximum support to artisans and social enterprises.

A multi-country project launched with strong belief in fairtrade, we believe that trade can empower lives. We work with social enterprises, small scale artisans and other fairtrade suppliers to showcase products that are beautiful, practical and unique.

Where required, we provide need based support to enable the production.This allows us to empower artisans & other marginalised small producers to gain skills and confidence, leading to economic self-sufficiency for themselves and their local community. Each product tells a story!

An hour with Meg gave me the clarity and focus I needed to help navigate Boho Homes’ growth in these challenging times. Her questions were precise, insightful and pragmatic, therefore the guidance  I received was targeted and progressive.  

Tullika Bhalla, Founder, Boho Homes