Tackling the problem of obesity-causing sugary soft drinks, we craft the UK’s first chilled ready-to-drink plant-based tea lattes bottled into recyclable aluminium cans.

Brewed with actual tea leaves, creamy oat milk, and ethically sourced, quality ingredients, our refreshing Matcha and Earl Grey Oat Milk Tea Lattes exclude artificial flavours and emulsifiers, contain low sugar and low calories, and provide boost of antioxidants and natural energy without a caffeine crash.

We use oat milk instead of dairy, which is perfect for people who are vegan or lactose-intolerant, because oat milk is one of the most eco-friendly milks available in terms of both emissions and water usage.

Emma showed a lot of interest in helping my social enterprise HumaniTea by suggesting ideas for increasing sales, developing partnerships, and building a community. I look forward to implementing the marketing strategies that Emma recommended and actioning on the valuable feedback provided.  

Tina Chen, Founder, HumaniTea