CIEDA is a non-profit organisation based in the UK which is all about inclusion, creativity, design, learning, sharing.

Our organisation is developing an almost instantaneous way to create progressive action around inclusion, exclusion and environmental protection (human caused climate change).

CIEDA provides a range of services like CIEDA Learning and CIEDA Accreditation but we also provide an agile and quality driven membership platform that helps our members to contribute to our aim for a global inclusive environment.

Our membership organisation – the CIEDA Collective – is about utilising technology, innovation and methodology to enhance our global understanding of inclusive environments.

Rob is firmly anchored in reality which was exactly the sort of mentor I needed. The non-profit world can be confusing at the best of times and the opportunity to ask the questions that were most important to me and then get Rob’s experienced and nuanced answers has been fantastic.  

James Wheeler, Executive Director, CIEDA