At Future Frontiers we believe that all young people can be motivated by their aspirations. To ignite that motivational force, we recruit and train top university students and professionals to deliver a face-to-face career coaching programme.

An award-winning charity, we work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and equip them with the information, skills, and mind-set to realise their career aspirations and maintain the motivation to achieve their full potential.

The aim is to create long term engagement at school by developing pupils’ aspirations and build practical connections to their education.

Our programme has proven to increase the motivation and engagement of young people, leading to increased performance at school.

Nick was very effective at understanding our organisation and at giving solid advice on how to grow and scale up. It was great to get the chance to tell him about our work and we’re exploring how he might be able to stay involved after our meeting.

Dominic Baker, CEO of Future Frontiers