Skin Analytics helps you watch your moles for change using your phone. It’s putting you at the centre of your own healthcare.

Skin Analytics enables you to map and baseline the parameters of your moles. Once you have done this, you will always have a way to assess your moles for change.

The patent pending technology can detect small changes in both the geometrical structure and colour composition of moles with an exceptional 95 per cent accuracy.

Skin Analytics uses cutting edge image processing algorithms, developed in partnership with leading academics from the University of Cambridge. The algorithms allow Skin Analytics to detect and track changes in key properties of moles over long periods of time just using images taken at home with a digital camera or smartphone.


Listen to Neil explain what Skin Analytics do in this short video.

Neil shares his key take away from his session. Sometimes start ups should think about partnerships before PR.

Expert Impact gave me an amazing opportunity to get advice from some of Britain’s best business minds. In my opinion, that is the most valuable thing you can get for your company.

Neil Daly, CEO of Skin Analytics